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How to Prevent Windshield Cracks From Spreading

Posted - 04/23/2012

A small crack in your windshield might look harmless, but it can cause major damage if it is not corrected. As you hit bumps and go over rough patches while driving, the crack can continue to spread. Ultimately, it can cause your entire windshield to shatter. You can prevent windshield cracks from spreading by getting them repaired as soon as possible. When you notice a crack, make an appointment to have it examined by a professional auto glass company. Many car insurance plans cover these repairs, so you will likely only have to pay a small amount for the service. While you are waiting for your appointment, do not park your car in direct sunlight, and do not wash your car. These things can cause the crack to expand. Once the crack is examined, the auto glass professional will let you know if the crack can be repaired. Generally, a crack can be repaired if it is less than a month old and no larger than a dollar bill. A special resin is used to fill in the crack, and then the surface is smoothed. Although the crack might be slightly noticeable after the repair, it will not cause your windshield to shatter.
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